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Vocal Director Dee on vocal tips, arranging and the heavy metal choir experience

Describe what fun stuff you do with the choir?

Everything I do with the choir is fun. From the arranging, to the teaching of the songs, to just hanging out and shooting the breeze. One benefit of being locked down and not able to meet in person was getting to know the choristers on a more intimate level and having been able to be accepted simply for being my weird self.

What's something every aspiring singer should know or do?

Know your body and keep your voice healthy. When singing, if something feels "wrong", stop. Never push your voice beyond your safe capabilities.

Who's your favourite heavy vocalist and why?

Rob Halford, of course! His voice is ridiculously versatile. He can do clean vocals, dirty vocals, incredible highs and deep lows, all while conveying meaning with his words. And the man is STILL going!

What's your favourite heavy song to belt in the shower?

Unbelievably, I don't sing in the shower, but if I did it would probably be some old school metal anthem or 80's hair band classic.

Favourite song so far that you've arranged?

They have all been genuinely fun to arrange. I've enjoyed using different concepts and themes for the arrangement of each song however, I will always have a soft spot for Mr Crowley as it was the first song that I arranged for the choir.

How would you describe the Heavy Choir Project experience?

There is so much to the experience that it's nearly impossible to describe in a concise way. In short, we're an eclectic group of people coming together to share in and enjoy a common love for heavy music in all of its forms.

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Great work Dee! ❤️🤘❤️

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