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Terms and Conditions - October 2021

1. Membership

1.1 The Heavy Choir Project rehearsals occur weekly across each Term. The number of rehearsal weeks per term may change due to factors such as conflicting events, public holidays, or uncontrollable circumstances. 

  • Heavy Choir Project reserves the right to alter the schedule and/or location of rehearsals to fit in with these events, or with performances and any other events that may be taking place. 

  • If rehearsals are cancelled due to illness of coach or uncontrollable circumstances, Heavy Choir Project will endeavour to provide an alternative or extended rehearsal time as best possible. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

  • To be eligible to participate in the end of year performance event, you must be an actively registered member in the preceding Term or as otherwise advised by the Heavy Choir Project.
    Heavy Choir Project will always endeavour to give as much notice as possible to members for any changes made to regular scheduled rehearsals.

1.2 The choir requires a minimum number of fully registered members to run. Should any of the term sessions not be able to commence due to insufficient numbers, you will be advised as soon as possible and all fees will be refunded.

1.3 Membership will only be confirmed when full payment is received, and the registration form and terms and conditions agreement has been submitted (via the website) and received.

1.4 You have the right to cancel your Membership for any reason, provided you inform us in writing at The refund terms are applicable as follows:

  • Cancel within 14 days of registration and no less than 2 weeks prior to the start of Term for a full refund.

  • Any other cancellation requests will incur a $50 administration fee and a refund payable less the cost of rehearsals from registration to the date of cancellation, regardless of whether you have attended the rehearsal(s) or not.

1.5 Members will not be reimbursed for missed rehearsals if they cannot attend due to personal reasons out of the control of Heavy Choir Project, as rehearsals will continue in their absence with Heavy Choir Project still incurring running costs.

1.6 Membership costs may vary each year and members will be notified of any proposed changes in advance.

1.7 The arrangements, harmonies, concepts and resources used in Heavy Choir Project are owned by Heavy Choir Project. By taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or event it is agreed that any use of resources, techniques and ideas will not be used, amended, copied or replicated at any other event, or to any group or in any venue. If found to be used, legal action will ensue against the individual.

1.8 You are entitled to access and use resources provided by Heavy Choir Project defined by your Membership strictly for your own personal use and provided your fees are up to date.

1.9 The Heavy Choir Project reserves the right to refuse admission, and to withdraw individual membership at any time.

1.10 Unless written notification is given by you at the time of registration, it is agreed that photos, voice recordings and/or video recordings may be taken of the Heavy Choir Project members during rehearsals and performances. Furthermore, you provide your express agreement to the abovementioned media to be used for promotional purposes including, but not limited to website, printed material, recordings, social media posts. You also agree that the use of any photos, voice or video recordings may be used in perpetuity regardless of your membership status. If you are concerned for any reason about this, please inform us in writing.


2. Wellbeing and Safety

2.1 The wellbeing and safety of members is prioritised by Heavy Choir Project. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive environment for our members. We have a zero tolerance policy on bullying and sexual harassment in any form. 

Furthermore, in light of Covid-19, we highlight the importance of each member respecting the health and safety of others as much as reasonably possible. This means:

  • If a member is experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, or is aware they may have been in contact with a Covid-19 case, they are required to inform Heavy Choir Project immediately and not attend rehearsal until they can provide sufficient evidence of negative test results.

  • Heavy Choir Project will adhere to local council and Victorian state government health guidelines for safe practice of carrying out choir activities and will revert to online virtual sessions where suitable, enforce physical distancing and mask-wearing as necessary and;

  • At the time of writing, each member and employee of Heavy Choir Project is required to sign-in via QR code at each rehearsal and as mandated, provide proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 in accordance with government regulations. 

2.2 Heavy Choir Project is not responsible for damage to persons or personal belongings while attending rehearsals and performances, or the period before and after rehearsals and performances.

2.3 In signing this agreement, Heavy Choir Project members hereby grant permission for the coaches of the Heavy Choir Project to seek any urgent medical attention that is deemed necessary, should a member fall ill or injure themselves during rehearsal. Members also agree to waive and release Heavy Choir Project and all its coaches and directors of any liability for any injury, illness or loss incurred while attending a Heavy Choir Project rehearsal, performance or venue. 

2.4 Travel arrangements to and from rehearsals and performances are the responsibility of individual members.

2.5 Members are expected to uphold an equal-opportunity environment. Any negative behaviour towards others, the coaches or to the rehearsal and performance environment will result in the cancellation of membership. Membership payment in this case, will not be refunded.


3. Values and Behaviours 

3.1 The Heavy Choir Project aims to create a safe and positive environment free from discrimination. We ask our members to practice our core values for behaviour as follows:

  • The right to feel respected and included: We value each and every individual by fostering an environment where everyone feels free, safe and comfortable to participate and contribute without risk of prejudice, discrimination or harassment. As a member, we embody respect and inclusion through our words, actions and interactions. We commit to listen, recognise and learn from each other.  

  • The right to be part of a team: We value positive and productive relationships throughout the choir built on trust, communication, effort and mutual support. As a group, we invest in each other and work to reach our collective goals together. We commit to showing up and being there for each other. 

  • The right to explore your potential: We value each individual's aspirations and development journey by creating a safe non-judgemental space where everyone has the opportunity to experience a sense of progress and accomplishment whether creatively, socially or personally. We commit to encourage and help each other grow.


3.2 No bullying, harassment, racism or abuse in any form will be tolerated. Any behaviour that impacts on the safety and wellbeing of an individual or group, or the rehearsal and performance environment, will result in cancellation of membership effective immediately. Membership payment in this case, will not be refunded.

In accordance with the Equal Opportunity Act 2010, we will endeavour to take reasonable steps to enable members with a disability or special needs to fully access the Heavy Choir Project services provided.

3.3 Members are not permitted to draw upon the Heavy Choir Project membership database in the interest of developing, promoting or marketing any other business, service or organisation without the consent of the Heavy Choir Project. This includes enticement via any form of social or promotional media and direct marketing. The directors of Heavy Choir Project reserve the right to discontinue membership without refund in these circumstances.

4. Privacy Policy

4.1 All information provided by members is confidential and is kept for the sole purpose of conducting the Heavy Choir Project business. No information or data is made available to any third party unless required by law or where there is a prior agreement made with the member to do so.