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Sing Loud, Rock Out.

No matter what your experience - discover, explore, and challenge your voice, and sing the music you love: with strangers who become your mates, and a glory that lasts longer than karaoke night.

Did you know singing in a choir does all kinds of good stuff for our brains and emotional and social wellbeing? 

(Also, metal music is a safe and healthy way to process feelings. But you already knew that.)

By learning to blend your voice with others in the Heavy Choir, even the darkest of souls will be fed with feel-good endorphins and a thrilling sense of social connection.


Remember, you're not alone in this crazy world. And that's a good thing, really.



Join us as we get set for a big 2023. More epic songs, more locations, more events, and always great experiences.
Unleash your inner Bruce, Halford, or Tarja and start your Heavy Choir journey today!

"I turned up to my first Heavy Choir rehearsal several months ago, absolutely shitting myself...


As the only musical experience on my CV was belting out metal classics in the shower. My neighbour told me last weekend he had recently heard singing coming from my bathroom window. I told him I had been practicing for the brewery gig and to just enjoy the great music!


Everyone involved with the choir has been welcoming, and I can’t wait to get there every Saturday. I now have an outlet to release my obsession with metal.


I still can’t believe I got the opportunity to sing metal in front of a crowd at the brewery gig. It was an amazing night, and I look forward to the next show." - Matt



With such epic songs to choose from across the decades, we're a choir with a song list unlike any other!


From doom and classic, to power and thrash, we specially select and arrange songs for the choir from across the heavy genres.

In 2023, we're bringing Slipknot, Nightwish, Skid Row, and Faith No More to the mix, along with Blind Guardian, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and more.

You might also have the opportunity to take up a solo if you're feeling keen!



  • Weekly 1.5-2 hour rehearsal sessions with an awesome Choir Master

  • The opportunity to develop your singing skills in a fun, supportive environment

  • Great social gatherings - make new mates for life!

  • Done-for-you practice recordings and printed music material

  • Fun events and performance opportunities 

  • Discounted event tickets for family and friends

  • Belong to a creative community for metalheads unlike any other


Heavy Choir will have two chapters in 2023, bringing both groups together for performances and social gatherings.

Our Southside Chapter is based at Death or Glory in Prahran and runs Saturdays from 12:00pm-1:30pm. Membership is now open, with Term 1 starting on 11th February.

Our new Northside Chapter is coming to The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood, on Thursday evenings 7:00pm-8:30pm. A Waiting List is now open for this group. 


What are membership fees for?
These help cover the ongoing and upfront running costs of the choir to ensure we can provide a viable and quality experience to all our members. Among our costs are venue hire, contractor hire, insurances, licensing fees, legal fees, sound and lighting, and marketing


Membership spots are limited in the Heavy Choir - so if you miss out, get on the waiting list for next time.

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power vocals together.

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