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Meet the Team


& Creative Director


Ambitiously inspired by the creativity, camaraderie, and depth of the heavy metal genre, and years of personal experience in HR, business, and the performing arts, Emily's vision is to unite metalheads through choir singing - amplifying the benefits of singing heavy metal together. 


From members to audience, to creative partnerships and a deeply talented team, Emily oversees the people and culture experience of Heavy Choir and bridges the operational, human and creative elements of the organisation and brand. 

Among her greatest heavy influences, Emily draws on the dramatic performers - Dio, Mike Patton, Bruce Dickinson and Jon Oliva, to name a few. But you'll find a consistent mix of black metal, thrash, power and, anything with big vocals on her soundtrack. Her

Dee profile_edited.jpg

Head Choir Master 
(of Vocals & Musical Arrangements)

Dee was always singing as a child but began formal vocal training at the age of 18 where she studied jazz, musical theatre and modern styles with some classical techniques.


She has 25 years of performance experience in musical and amateur theatre, choir ensembles and live rock bands, bringing a combination of creative technique and understanding of dramatic theatre as Choir Master with Heavy Choir in Melbourne. 

In Dee's choir sessions, you can always be yourself, have a laugh, and experience singing without the stuffiness or intimidation of traditional choirs. 

A huge Rob Halford fan, Dee credits Judas Priest as her gateway to heavy metal.

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