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Creative Team


& Creative Director


From shaping the community experience and overseeing the Heavy Choir team, to producing creative events that engage members and audience alike, Emily leads the operational, people, events and brand elements of Heavy Choir. 

With an extensive background across people and culture, marketing and communications, community theatre, and small business, Emily works to ensure Heavy Choir strives towards its vision and mission. 

Creatively, and with a sense of humour, members will also work with Emily throughout the term on performance. You'll learn myriad ways to break the fourth wall, dig deep into heavy metal lyrics, and incorporate headbanging and powerstances at every opportunity. 


As for her own influences? You'll find a consistent mix of black metal, dark folk, melodic death, thrash and, anything with big vocals, cinematic soundscapes, and theatrical composers on her playlist. Her

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Music Director, Arrangements
& Choir Master

Dee was always singing as a child but began formal vocal training at the age of 18 where she studied jazz, musical theatre and modern styles with some classical techniques.


She has 25 years of performance experience in musical and amateur theatre, choir ensembles and live rock bands, bringing a combination of creative technique and understanding of dramatic theatre as Choir Master with Heavy Choir in Melbourne. 

In Dee's choir sessions, you can always be yourself, have a laugh, and experience singing without the stuffiness or intimidation of traditional choirs. 

A huge Rob Halford fan, Dee credits Judas Priest as her gateway to heavy metal.

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Choir Master

Theo had a habit of annoying early school teachers with his incessant singing, until the incident... He knows guitar, bass, clarinet, classical theory, etc but all he cares about is whether you are singing what you want to sing. That is why you are here, and self-expression is always in key.


He has performed and written for metal bands for over 20 years in varying styles. Doom is his sforzando but he’s performed with prog metal, dark ambient, neo-classical, and noise. There is no wall of sound too dense to tread.


All Theo wants is your soul. It could be a dark soul, a demon soul, a greater soul (or even someone else’s), so long as its way out is through heavy or dark music. May you be a weary traveller listening to Shape of Despair; an upbeat bastion of brutality, a true Kreator; or you just think alternative music Slay(er)s. Welcome to the Heavy Choir.

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