Heavy Choir Project
Melbourne - Creative Team


Emily Stekly
Founder, Creative Director

Emily balanced a HR career while hustling as an event producer, writer, artist manager, speaker, amateur theatre director and creativity consultant. 

She managed local riot grrl, metal and hardcore bands in the early 00s, before reconnecting with a love of theatre and live performance.


Inspired by the emotive and theatrical elements of heavy music arrangements - particularly frontmen like Jon Oliva (Savatage), Ronnie James Dio, Chris Cornell, Bruce Dickinson and Mike Patton, Emily set out to create an inclusive, skills-building choir for metalheads who love singing - and performing - epic tunes. 

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Dee Davidson

Vocal Director and Coach

Dee was always singing as a child but began formal vocal training at the age of 18 where she studied jazz, musical theatre and modern styles with some classical techniques.


She has 25 years of performance experience in musical and amateur theatre, choir ensembles and live rock bands, bringing a combination of creative technique and understanding of dramatic theatre as Vocal Director with the Heavy Choir Project in Melbourne. 

A huge Rob Halford fan, Dee credits Judas Priest as her gateway to heavy metal.