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13 Reasons to Join a Heavy Metal Choir in 2023

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

1. Make new lifelong friends. Let's face it, as you get older, it gets a little harder to meet new people that we click with, or if we do, we’re so caught up in our existing lives that it’s tough to put in the effort to make it a lasting friendship. Rock up to Heavy Choir every week and you’ll be surrounded by potential new lifelong friends.

2. Experience the joy of being part of a vocal harmony. Singing geeks know this one well. There's some kind of magic going on when a number of voices blend together, hitting harmonic notes that'll give you goosebumps. Often the first reaction is, "Woah, did we really just sound THAT good?". Oh yeah. Now chuck on some Blind Guardian and just imagine being part of that vocal magic.

3. Discover the thrill of performing. Because seriously, what would Black Sabbath be if Ozzy had the stage presence of a tissue? Throw your inhibitions out the window, we say.

4. A sense of belonging. A heavy choir brings people who love singing and heavy tunes together, and they can be from all walks of life with their own story to tell. It doesn’t matter what kind of misfit or outsider you might be, all you need to do is show up and sing and you’re in.

5. Singing helps keep us mentally healthy. Whether you have a stressful or unfulfilling day job, or just zero creative social outlets - singing actually helps you de-stress, promotes a sense of wellbeing and doing it with others multiplies the good vibes.

6. Overcome stage fright! Yup, it’s time to take a small step out of your comfort zone. Why? Because life is way too freakin’ short to just sit back and watch everyone else have all the fun. If you’ve dreamt of singing out loud, whether just for yourself or in front of an audience, but feel too self-conscious or anxious to do it - then building your confidence in a choir that supports you is a great way to do it.

7. Skills for life. Being in a choir teaches you commitment, patience, excellent listening skills, and the ability to work and learn in a team of diverse people. Put THAT on your resume.

8. Channel that energy. Heavy music is noise to some, but cathartic for others. When you’re in a group of people singing heavy tunes, the very process can become an opportunity to channel that emotional baggage into one awe-some vocal explosion with your choir comrades there to back you.

9. Learn how to breathe. Listening is one major skill you’ll flex in a choir, the other is breathing. Think that’s not a big deal? Well stop breathing and let us know. Learning how to breathe properly is not only important for becoming a better singer, but it helps calm you when everything else around you is going to hell. (Seriously, there are people making big bucks out there just teaching breathless adults how to breathe properly.) Also, you get extra rock cred if you can breathe well enough to hold your notes as long as Bruce Dickinson.

10. Discover and grow your vocal potential. Some of us are told we can’t sing, when in fact, everyone can pretty much learn how to hold a note and then blend in. Basically, if you have a desire to sing your furious little heart out, then sing! A choir can help you develop your vocal ability through various techniques, exercises and song styles, and you’ll learn so much by singing with others with different levels of vocal experience.

11. Schedule something fun to look forward to. The real no brainer - singing songs we enjoy is fun and sharing this experience with great people just makes it an enjoyable experience. A heavy choir can become something you genuinely look forward to every week and while sometimes it can be tedious learning a new song, when it starts to come together - trust us, the end result is really satisfying, you’ll be proud of yourself and your choir mates!

12. Step into the spotlight and belt out a solo. This isn’t for everyone, but even the most anxious singer can develop the confidence to take on a solo part in a choir. If you’ve been belting out tunes in your shower with a shampoo bottle mic, imagining your audience in the mirror - make it really happen by throwing your horns - erm, hand - up to give it a go!

13. ROCK OUT! So, you love singing. But you’ve also got a love of air guitar, long locks for headbanging and mad swirls, and an addiction to tapping the drum solo from “Painkiller” on everything… You don’t need another reason to join a heavy metal choir - just DO IT!



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