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Heavy Choir - Values and Behaviours Guideline 2023

By joining the Heavy Choir as a member, personnel or community partner, you are required to uphold the values and behaviours as outlined below to support a welcoming and inclusive experience for everyone involved.

1. The right to feel respected and included.


We value each and every individual by fostering an environment where everyone feels free, safe and comfortable to participate and contribute without risk of prejudice, discrimination or harassment. As a member, we embody respect and inclusion through our words, actions and interactions.

We commit to listen, recognise and learn from each other.


2. The right to be part of a team.


We value positive and productive relationships throughout the choir built on trust, communication, effort and mutual support. As a group, we invest in each other and work to reach our collective goals together.


We commit to showing up and being there for each other.


3. The right to explore your potential.


We value each individual's aspirations and development journey by creating a safe non-judgemental space where everyone has the opportunity to experience a sense of progress and accomplishment whether creatively, socially or personally.


We commit to encourage and help each other grow.

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